Wings of Honour

A powerful and emotional feature-length documentary

Experience rekindled Canadian pride and appreciation as RCAF members from the Second World War to today vividly recall what it was and is like to be a warrior, humanitarian, patriot, and guardian of Canadian sovereignty.

Robert K. Barrett

Documentary director/producer/DOP/

Robert Barrett is a Toronto-based documentarian specializing in telling distinctly Canadian stories with an international impact.

In 2022–23, Barrett wrote, shot, and directed Wings of Honour, a feature-length documentary celebrating the 100-year history of the Royal Canadian Air Force for Canadian Geographic Films.

Criss-crossing Canada and interviewing more than 140 past and present members of the RCAF, including Canadian astronauts Jeremy Hansen and Chris Hadfield, Barrett with much passion paints an emotional and insightful portrait of the RCAF’s century of service to Canada and its impact on Canadian identity.

Featuring a rare glimpse into the RCAF’s historical archives and dramatic contemporary footage, Wings of Honour is a must-see experience for all Canadians. Scheduled to air on CPAC.


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