Defend, Protect and Serve

Ensuring that the RCAF can quickly respond is critical for the success of any mission in Canada, across North America, or abroad. To stay effective and relevant, the RCAF has evolved its methods for recruiting, training, and updating assets. The RCAF has bolstered its abilities within the Canadian Armed Forces to jointly tackle any threats Canada may face in these uncertain times. Collaborative planning is key to recognizing external threats to infrastructure, cyber security, logistics and information technology. The RCAF is actively developing new strategies to address these threats.

RCAF mandate

The RCAF provides air and space support within Canada and worldwide. It’s guided by four strategic objectives: taking care of its personnel, ensuring operational readiness, modernizing for the future, and staying connected with NATO and other friendly air forces. These strategic objectives, vital for mission success, also form the foundation for building a future-ready RCAF.

Domestic responsibilities

The RCAF, along with the Royal Canadian Navy and the Canadian Army, are there when Canadians are in need, providing humanitarian assistance, disaster relief, and Search and Rescue. The RCAF also plays a significant role with the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). Through vigilant aerial surveillance, the RCAF identifies potential threats and takes appropriate action to defend Canada and North America.


International responsibilities

Over the past century, the RCAF has served internationally during times of war and peace. It also supports humanitarian and UN missions, and other peace support missions overseas.

The RCAF, along with the Canadian Army and the Royal Canadian Navy, collectively have earned the distinction of being one of the most responsive armed forces within the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) — ready to act quickly and effectively wherever needed.

Diversity in the RCAF

The RCAF strongly believes in accepting people from all walks of life, regardless of gender, religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. They encourage all members to work together, respect one another, and treat each other fairly and with dignity. Harassment in any form is never tolerated.

The RCAF is working diligently to ensure equal opportunities for women, Indigenous peoples and visible minorities, with the eventual goal of proportionally representing Canada’s diverse society.

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